Beatles vs. Stones

Which do you prefer?

I'd have to go with the Rolling Stones although I do love Revolver.

And you?


Not even a single record of neither of those, but probably would go with Stones. I only like their Voodoo Lounge album tho

Overall in all my interest is too far away from classic rock and rnr.

I'm more into more sophisticated stuff like prog, kraut, indie, fusion, electronic dub/ambient and funk. There are times that I only want to listen to classical artists as well.

I saw the Stones twice: once mediocre even boring, once riveting and compelling

how about Led Zepellin?  studio AND stage

I can't listen to a full Beatles album.  Let it Bleed?  All the time.

Of course, I can't listen to a complete side of Fleetwood Mac, either.

For those who like the Rock 'n' Roll of The Stones; You ain't heard nothin' yet. Get yourself some Dave Edmunds albums, and see how it's really done!

Same time, totally different music. Stones R&B but I like Stones' Satanic Majestics best. So count me more in the psychedelic crowd, and Stawberry Fields may have won me over, wonder why.

However Stones on stage over the Beatles any day. There you have it.