Beatles vs. Stones

Which do you prefer?

I'd have to go with the Rolling Stones although I do love Revolver.

And you?


@bdp24 Love The Kinks. Generally go for them over Stones, can’t say necessarily the same w/Beatles. Beatles are just…too good. I could certainly, however, produce a “short novella” on my love of The Kinks.  
I consider Sgt. Pepper’s long-held status as #1-all-time-worthy incommensurate with the actual songs. The studio innovation, sure. Songs, not so much. I consider “She’s Leaving Home” gorgeous, brilliant, haunting, indelible and impervious to overplayedness. “A Day in the Life” is just…incredible (I also enjoy the early takes on Anthology 2…Jesus…). 
Obviously this is all subjective but, “Way over half of the White Album is unlistenable”…boy… 
“Dear Prudence,” “Glass Onion,” “Bungalow Bill,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Happiness is a Warm Gun,” “Martha My Dear,” “I’m So Tired,” “Blackbird,” “Piggies,” “I Will,” “Julia,” “Mother Nature’s Son,” “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey,” “Sexy Sadie,” “Helter Skelter,” “Long, Long, Long,” “Honey Pie,” “Savoy Truffle,” “Cry Baby Cry,” “Goodnight.”  
20 of the 30 tracks that are as sublime as pop music gets.
Legit avant-garde songs like “Wild Honey Pie,” “Revolution 9.” Super ballsy to put stuff like that on an LP by the biggest band in the world. Irrespective of artistic courage, I still consider those tracks sonically and artistically remarkable.

Rod Temperton (author of Heatwave, Brothers Johnson, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones classics), Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff (authors of and producers of too many glorious records by way too many incredible artists to begin to mention), the brothers Gibb, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson, Giorgio Moroder, and Niles Rodgers (author of Chic, Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, David Bowie) may have something to say about someone using the word “disco” as merely a pejorative.

The primes of Michelangelo, Shakespeare, and Bach ended a lot more than fifty years ago. This has no bearing on whether their art was good.


Agreed, the Beatles White Album is a fantastic collection of songs.

Hearing The Analogues relive it brought back many happy memories of hearing it for the first time in 1981.

Nowadays I’m even getting to like my least favourite track on there - Savoy Truffle.


The Stones vs The Beatles, Both are and were Fantastic. Being a guy who was a 10 year old when I f it rst heard the Beatles. I grew,up with  there,music.i know the Beatles,ended like 1970.But if you but all the music by each of the Beatles it like ,they never ended.

Just watching the 3 hour (?) documentary Get Back.  Going to take a few evenings to get through it.  Billy Preston just joined them in the studio.  For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I highly recommend you spend some time with it.  Fascinating to watch in real time as some of the most iconic songs are created out of thin air.  McCartney just strumming the bass like a six sting as George & Ringo look on, waiting for Lennon to show up.  Paul is just mumbling to himself and suddenly you start to hear the slightest inkling there's something going on.  George stops yawning and picks up a guitar.  Ringo adds some rhythm with hands and feet.  And there it is out of nothing, the embryo of a classic.  It's takes a few days to put flesh on the bones but it's something to watch.