Beatles vs. Stones

Which do you prefer?

I'd have to go with the Rolling Stones although I do love Revolver.

And you?


I’d have to go with the Beatles—much more melodic, for the most part.  My own favorites, however, are the Moody Blues.


Fascinating to watch in real time as some of the most iconic songs are created out of thin air.


Essential viewing for any Beatles fan.

The Beatles incredible output in just 7 years is partially revealed in Get Back as you can clearly see that they never stopped creating new songs.

Even as they are making  what eventually came to be known as Let It Be they are already preparing songs that would appear on Abbey Road.

Perhaps that's the real secret to their success?

Don't ever stop!

@cd318 Akin to the Beatles in Get Back is the video of the The Stones in the studio working on Sympathy For The Devil.  Starting out as an acoustic ballad and slowly turning into the near violence that is, IMHO, the greatest rock & roll song even written.  

@bigtwin - Yes, that Rolling Stones film was by Jean-Luc Goddard, if I recall correctly?