Because the word TECH is there.

So its actually a question about the function of this site.

Every other forum I frequent has settings which can be altered to ones taste, which I can not find here.

When I get an email informing me of a new post in a thread I am watching, how do I set it up so that when I click the link in said email that I am directed to the last page and newest posting in that thread. There must be a way as it is the norm in other forums.



As a former Programmer/Analyst, I agree that this platform is rather primitive. I also think Facebook, YouTube and others are equally lacking. As I can do nothing about it, I try to enjoy what is there.

As current IT specialist and possibly will always keep it current till I need a walker assistance, I can tell this site is PRIMITIVE and SIMPLE.
My very best suggestion is to just use it as-is.

Every time their amateur crew try to add some useful features, they either don’t work or make things far worse.