Before I order the Magnepan 1.7s...

Hi. My wife and I finally agreed to put a proper stereo in the big room (700 sqft or thereabouts) and I bought a massive Krell amp in preparation for the eventual Magnepan purchase because we decided that the aesthetics of those speakers (with white socks) were tolerable. 

Before I pull that trigger, though, are there any "beautiful" speakers, respected by the audiophile community, that I should consider? I've looked over SFs and Focals, and they're indeed beautiful, but not so beautiful as to sway us. 

(as an aside, really, would it kill some of these manufacturers to offer a few more finishes-- with high-resolution photos taken from modern homes? They are literally throwing money out the window with these Geocities-quality websites. I'm surely not the only suburbanite looking for an audiophile-approved speaker with nice aesthetics)

Thank you.
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very unique appearance

I remember hearing these at a show

I worked one block from Harvey's, 45th st, nyc, height of modernism

these look like the ushers I heard at a demo, awesome

waterfall glass

I never heard of Goodmans

oh yeah, walsh

lets not forget anthony gallo

davone again

bose 901's were unique in their day


Quad's, the original unique look, unique sound

beolab surround

I remember these, out of nowhere, Canton everywhere!

just unusual in a way

gorgeous finish, never heard them

the original new look for B&W

talk about unique looking

another curiosity

morel bookcase

new, for a 'budget' start, I would like to hear them

zu 'wont fit in a' bookshelf

unique looking KEF

it's been fun, I gotta stop now

The 1.7’s are only about $2k new, so many of these suggestions are multiples of that budget, if constrained to near that. For new near that, I’ve almost done a trial of the new LSA 20 Statements and/or Signatures. Nice finishes (not user selectable), and with Dan Wiggins on board I expect a very well executed low end at the least.
Bit still, I’m leaning hard toward the 1.7i’s for my situation.
I understand WAF … my living room setup uses Epos K2 in white to go with other furniture and relatively inconspicuously.
You should consider the Spatial line of speakers. They look very modern and fit in to the aesthetics of most room furnishings.  Don't require massive power and sound great. Also, I think they still have an in-home trial period and a 5yr warranty.
CONOLETELY disagree with Maggie's having one sweet spot. Like almost all speakers they sound best in the center of the channels at the proper recommended distance for your room. However. And I,'ve had lots of great speakers over the years, the 1.7is sound great all through the house. Uncanny.