Beginner improvements for room acoustics; very helpful Darko video on reverb and RT60

I often find myself trying to help friends new to audio take their first steps toward improving their sound. Taming room reflection is, of course, the first step.

Many respond by saying some combination of "Why would I need that?" and "Isn't a rug and furniture enough?"

Darko's video explain the answer to both of these questions, and does so by explaining in layman's language what the sweet spot for reverb typically is, and why furniture and rugs are not often sufficient.

He describes a reasonable, middle way between going all out on room treatments and doing nothing. At the very least, he says at the end, do the ceilings.

Again, old news to many here, but possibly of use for some here and for anyone advising others.


Ceiling is the one thing you can’t do in a living room.

Doesn't your living room have a ceiling? ;-)

Since when does preference matter with you measurement types?

Preference is  always important ,  unsupported claims not,  just admit it's preference not a miraculous suspension of physics.

"measurement types"

-- going in my Audiophile Glossary in the "abusive epithets" subcategory.

@hilde45 It seems like we both suffer from having low ceilings.  Mine are about 7' but in some sections are 6.5' because of soffits.  Walls and ceiling are sheetrock.  What have you used to tame ceiling reflections? 

My overall room is 14' x 24' and I've built my own bass trap panels for the front corners and absorption panels for the side wall reflection points, but still haven't addressed the ceiling and at a loss as to how and where.  Waiting on carpet install and just using area rugs right now on a concrete floor to tame the floor reflections.

Hoping your learnings can help me here.  Thanks.