beginner seperate system

all the listening I do leads to crazy high prices.  anyone out there that can do great high fi on a couple grand budget?  I have nad 275bee bridged mono with focal aria 948.  I would like to experiment with maybe a tube setup or a really reverby ss if exists.  I have a couple rythmik 15 in subs that can do bass.  have a few headphone systems that really have opened my eyes on sound.  can hifi wonky/tubes be done with subs?  and lowest entry point worth the money?  would be great to find something under 5k that can play well with aria speakers.
May I suggest something like the lyngdorf tdai 2170 or Antrhem STR integrated. both of these have very well engineered room correction systems built in, plus enough power to run most speakers out there. Reason I suggest these is for the room correction and that ability to make up for other area in your system and also sub integration. 
i have an all Rega system.  the new Brio is a delight partnered with their RS1 speakers.  all in with a DAC and their cables about $2,200.00 i think it sounds better than the 10K system i had 15 years ago.  definite synergy.  DAC's have not improved that much in the last 10 years.  if Rega thought they could produce a better DAC since the DAR R they would have.
I have a Red Wine Audio (no longer made) Integrated that I use and love.  It’s A tube preamp with a battery power amp side.  May sound weird on the form but my ears say it’s good.  Easy to find used models and Vinnie still services them.  

Had as a bad experience customer service experience with Schiit but their stuff is appealing (USA made, very reasonable prices, great reviews).  Not trying to color your decision just want to give you a 360 view. 
Another vote for PrimaLuna Jeff.  I bought a used DiaLogue HP a couple years back.  This amp has really grown on me over time.  It has  beautiful tone--full color saturation if you follow.  It is smooth, neutral, and begs you to listen for hours on end.  I could go on.  A couple of points.  Regarding the comment to not buy Chinese--rubbish!  The build quality on this unit is among the best and far superior to many American built brands. It is silent with NO operational quirks--very well thought out.  So if you choose to not buy Chinese for political reasons, that's fine.  But not for quality reasons.  Secondly, in your quest for tubes, the amp/speaker interface is critical (more so than solid state).  The HP has a lower output impedance and will be more forgiving in this regard but my VS VR-33's have a very simple first order crossover and get along great with tubes.  I would never advise "force fitting" of this pairing.