Beginner to Hi Rez Downloads

I want to download hirez (better than CD quality) software from web vendors and then play them on my audiophile quality system that can play CDs, DVD-A, DVD-V, and SACD.

1. My computer has a CD/DVD burner and a 15 Mb/sec internet connection. (I do not have an iPOD nor do I want to connect my computers to my audio system directly.
2. What software do I need? I have WinAMP right now. Will it burn the hiz-rez frequecies onto a DVD OR cd?
3. Should I forget about it now and just accumulate SACDs and new vinyl?

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I have successfully used Lplex; to convert 24/96 flacs and wavs resulting in dvd files and an iso file i have burned to DVD+-R then played on a DVD Player thru a DAC with a Digital input over a coax RCA cable.

I had to go thru several days of emails with the developer of Lplex to finally get it to do everything it needed on my XP Pro PC. It is freeware though I'm sure the developer would accept donations. look up Lplex on line ..

If you want to email me I could send you a zip file with what the developer had me compile from two versions and some updated engines that finally gave me what I wanted. He may have updated the site but what he sent me wasn't up when I first downloaded it there a few weeks ago(lplex-0.3)with updated Mplex DVD Author.

I did also try with success but when I found the freeware I didn't buy it after the trial expired. It is failry simple though so to get started it may be best to see what you get

You drop your source files into the lplex.exe and you should end up with three folders for the DVD and an.ISO file you can burn with Image Burn or what have you. There were issues such as not being able to get the resulting files to play in any desktop PC dvd player programs. They came out sounding like hiss ,static or digital hash but those same files would burn a DVD which would play in my Sony DVD stand alone player thru my DAC which handles 24/96 Check out Lplex on line .

I tried the program recommended on the Linn site Circlinca with no success. Though I reported many times to them they seem to have given up trying to figure out why I was having trouble running it on my system so I am good with the free Lplex..

I was a beginner too a few weeks ago.. no expert now but persistence and having nearly a Hundred dollars in High Rez downloads I wanted on a DVD kept me at it till I found something that worked. I've grabbed a couple of releases from AIX/Itrax and one from the Linn site, the Mahler 6th
Can everybody tell me about the best software to play
music from computer ?
I use both of CD player & Computer with good soundcard
& DAC to play Flac , Ape , or some High res captured
file ( 96 khz 2926 kbps for example ).
I think softwares , Like Winamp or Jet Audio have little diferent sound in play Flac or Ape & can't Play high Res
file ( may be my version is old )but i use VLC Player
for high res.
Which software player is a good profesional for playing
from computer To get the best performance ?