Beginnners question - Phono stage

I am kind of new at this hobby and have a dumb question. Why is it that when I listen to my CD player or tuner, the volume control on my amp is usually set at approximately 40 out of 100 and it is plenty loud. However, when I am listening to vinyl on my turntable, I have to crank up the volume control to 70 to get the same sound level out of my system. I have an AR turntable with a MM cartridge. I tried another turntable with a MC cartridge (making sure "MC" was selected on my phono stage) and it was even worst...I had to crank the volume control to 80! My amp is a Pathos Classic One MKII, a Musical Fidelity XRayV3 CD player, Linn Pekin tuner, Totem Hawks and an MF XLPS phono stage. Is this normal or do I have a problem ? Is this possibly linked to the phono stage itself, cabling or simply due to a cartridge/phono stage mismatch ? Thanks for your help.
An excellent online resource for cartridge/phono stage gain compatibility is the preamp gain calculator at

Definitely worth checking out.
an inexpensive and decent sounding step up transformer can be ordered from audio cubes for 131 landed; it is the denon AU300LC

it is not the last word but it does not cost 500 to the sky, either
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Thanks again for all your help ! I think that I will be learning for quite some time in this hobby...and it is so interesting !