Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Pro

Hi All,

My first post here. I did do a search for this and I'm not sure I found the answer for me.

First of all, I'm an audiophile newbie. So, I'm still trying to figure out what I need etc. I basically have a bunch of hand me downs that I'm trying to spruce up without spending an arm and a leg.

To start, here's what I have (at least what I perceive to be relevant. Happy to supply more info if needed):
Integra DTR 6.5 receiver
Klipsch RC-10 centre
Paradigm PS-1000 subwoofer
Paradigm AMS300 V2 in wall for left and right surround
JBL S4 in wall for the front left and right (to be replaced when I can find some good speakers)
14 gauge wires (don't know if this piece of information matters, but there you have it)
Toshiba DVD SD3900 player (connected to my Integra by optical out)

I plan on upgrading my DVD player to an Oppo BDP-93 or 95 depending on how much my tax returns are. This player will pull triple duty as my blu-ray/ DVD and CD (SACD, DVD-A included) player.

The main use of this system is going to be home theatre and music. With this in mind, I have a chance to get a couple Behringers. Can I even utilize this in my current system? If I researched how to set it up right, would it be beneficial? If so, where in the system would this go - as in, where would I connect it?

And finally, how much should I offer for this?

Thanks in advance.