behringer vs rives

What is difference between behringer vs rives "parc" for correcting sound output?

What about computer software which does similar things?
In a nutshell, the Behringer is a much more powerful room acoustics shaping tool, but from what I gather is not all that transparent when inserted into a high-end system. However, if you use it on your speaker's bass section only, it could work out very well.

The Rives Parc if I recall correctly has 3 parametric bands that can cut bass peaks (but not boost the dips). So it is somewhat limited in its ability to fix room problems, but is a very transparent sounding piece of gear. And oh yeah... it costs a heckofalot more than a Behringer.

The Behringer's circuitry is digital, while the PARC uses high-quality analog circuitry.
Rives is Analog whilst Behringer does things in the digital domain. The Behringer is a full paramteric equalizer it will overwhelm most people when trying to set it up and understand the width of filters according to Q etc. Behringer is better suited to geeks who spend hours reading and studying a manual....