Being alone with your music

I’ve always enjoyed being alone. Being alone with my favorite tunes playing adds a new layer of ‘Being here NOW’.

I remember well the first time I heard ‘In my room’ by the Beach Boys. That wonderful angst of being young and not knowing my future overwhelmed me. Those emotions we’re trained to suppress burst forward, changing me forever.

From that moment forward music became a personal thing. A private wonderful world that I had control over. It was 1966, I was 13 years old.

When we’re young, very little is under our control. Now music could set us free. It was up there with the first time, 3 years later, when I drove my car alone the first time.  In preparation for the big moment, I installed my first car cassette player (by Norelco). Now I was truly free to be me.

Your stories would be much appreciated.



My experience reflect exactly yours...

Except i was 13 years old in 1964...

Under my blanket hidden with a small transistor radio with Connie Francis ...

It begin my music journey...

But thinking about it all started BEFORE, when i listened choral traditional songs each day on the radio when i was really young around 4-5-6 years old...

I begin serious music listening with classical choral music and Bach.... After thirteen...Not the Beatles and the Papas and the Mammas i enjoyed among few others pop singers in my teen years , but i listened them less as a sacred solitary experience as for Bach or choral music as a mere occasional pleasure ...I guess i was too serious even young ... 😊 Or i disliked being as others people were... It was so in music too... I prefered books to any sports save biking alone and walking ...

There's this stigma of isolation and "anti-social" associated with this hobby that I think may be a little superficial at surface level - think the one chair in a listening room and some of the judgment statements that are made. For some of us, the act of listening is deeply personal and perhaps even therapeutic. Others enjoy sharing music with others, which is just as great. 

I don't know how much I've spent on my system, but it doesn't rival the experience and value of driving a motorcycle through small coastal and mountain towns in South Korea with entry-level Shure IEMs. I was completely lost in my early 20's and that time of soul searching and solitude, which included a run down motorcycle, headphones, music, and a foreign country really helped me figure things out. 

Headphone, speakers, and components, they provide more than just music; more like small opportunities for some of us. 

I enjoy sitting in my recliner , smack dab in the sweet spot ...  ALONE  

Thank you 

You have to listen alone because people cant keep their mouths shut. Even if they could, theres only one sweetspot, the other spots arent worth much.

In 1963 when I was eleven laying in bed listening to the light turquoise plastic clock radio, on came the first time ever Beatles song played in the US. It was on WLS. I was completely overwhelmed with the amazing sound.

Later I would spend late nights with my ear pressed to the 1950‘s tube-based mono dark wood counsol Stereo, instead of sleeping.


An only child, comfortable alone…actually I crave lots of time alone. I probably enjoy being alone the most. Ten years as a Geologist, working alone. I love eating meals alone when traveling. Backpacking alone, bicycling many tens of thousands of miles alone. Traveling as an executive around the world alone. And, executives are really lone animals, you can’t get close to employees or colleagues.


Audiophilia is very commonly a pursuit of folks that like being alone.