Being alone with your music

I’ve always enjoyed being alone. Being alone with my favorite tunes playing adds a new layer of ‘Being here NOW’.

I remember well the first time I heard ‘In my room’ by the Beach Boys. That wonderful angst of being young and not knowing my future overwhelmed me. Those emotions we’re trained to suppress burst forward, changing me forever.

From that moment forward music became a personal thing. A private wonderful world that I had control over. It was 1966, I was 13 years old.

When we’re young, very little is under our control. Now music could set us free. It was up there with the first time, 3 years later, when I drove my car alone the first time.  In preparation for the big moment, I installed my first car cassette player (by Norelco). Now I was truly free to be me.

Your stories would be much appreciated.



@thecarpathian ​​@tonydennison   AMEN and thats my wife, yadda, yadda, yadda. But she is the love of my life even if she makes my ears bleed. 😃 


"You have to listen alone because people can't keep their mouths shut."


I see you've met my brother in law.

Eyes open, mouth open. Hasn't shut the hell up for a minute since I've known him.

As time goes on I can't hear others anymore. Its like they are distant and speaking an unknown language. Defense mechanism I suppose. If its really important, they will let me know, I guess. 😏

Alone in the dark late at night. A touch of medical cannabis. Amazing things are in the air..

@mahgister ,

"Under my blanket hidden with a small transistor radio with Connie Francis ..."


You had Connie Francis under your blanket, mon ami?!!

Felicitations and a cold mate to you!! 😄