Being alone with your music

I’ve always enjoyed being alone. Being alone with my favorite tunes playing adds a new layer of ‘Being here NOW’.

I remember well the first time I heard ‘In my room’ by the Beach Boys. That wonderful angst of being young and not knowing my future overwhelmed me. Those emotions we’re trained to suppress burst forward, changing me forever.

From that moment forward music became a personal thing. A private wonderful world that I had control over. It was 1966, I was 13 years old.

When we’re young, very little is under our control. Now music could set us free. It was up there with the first time, 3 years later, when I drove my car alone the first time.  In preparation for the big moment, I installed my first car cassette player (by Norelco). Now I was truly free to be me.

Your stories would be much appreciated.



 I remember one nite thinking, there’s nothing wrong with me,,nothing wrong with the world out there.  Right here was bad, but this is temporary.  Part of why I’ve had a wonderful life when others didn’t.

@george53 ,

Your attitude at that young age is an inspiration. Such strength and wisdom at such a young age I am sure served you well in life. I admire your courage and hope you've led a long life filled with joy and happiness.

What a great post…and for me, alone is truly the only way to listen. Door closed, curtains closed, lights off, complete isolation. 

@mrskeptic as I have often said, music is the closest thing we have to time travel. Nothing else can actually transport you back in time and evoke so many amazing memories. For me, no other band or music brings back so many great memories like Rush does…

I need my time, and my space, and perhaps one reason I love listening to music is that it is a solitary hobby.  This was more of a need during my first unhappy marriage.  The 'problem' with being happily (re)married is that I feel guilty if I shut out my wife too much.  Fortunately we have the same musical tastes so I do a lot more listening with her as we read together