Bel Canto CD 1 in 2009 - how does it stack up?

Just wondering if there are any thoughts about this Cd player and how it measures up to current digital playback standards. I'm considering buying one used and there's very little information about the player, even on this forum.
i have an old bc dac 1.1. i tried it in place of my dodson 218 one night on a lark. there was a large difference in sound quality but the dac 1.1 certainly was pleasant and capable, and i could live with it in a 2d system. shorcomings were on the omission rather than comission side. hope this helps.
I have owned a cd1 for about 9 months. It is a solid nice sounding player. Smooth and natural output. Sounds best using balanced outputs. The dac inside is nearly as good as the dac3. I run mine into a dac3 and have compared and can't really tell the difference. The remote is ok but range is a bit narrow. Reads discs great. There were only 100 made til they switched to the e one narrow format. That's why there is no info. Blows away the cd2.