Bel Canto CD3t transport replacement

I'm beginning the search for a new transport due to my BC being inoperable, I was currently using it to pair with a Bel Canto DAC 2.8 providing sound through my Focal Stellia headphones. I was in the process of "burning" in the system and tried to change the cd when the transport locked up and it now can't be opened for insertion of a cd.. I'm thinking that I might be better off replacing it with a top notch alternative than dealing with the shipping, waiting cost.. Any thoughts on a suitable replacement?


One glitch and you’re ready to throw it out?  Why don’t you at least speak with a tech and get an estimate?  That’s a nice transport and you’re probably going to have to spend 3k+ to better it. And it matches your dac, so it looks nice too. As far as new ones go, there are a lot of threads on cd transports here that can be easily searched. 

Just wanted to see how you resolved this. Have you reached out to Bel Canto support? I found them very responsive when I needed things checked on my BC pieces.

Many folks consider the Shanling ET3 the best reasonably priced CD transport currently available. Here's one recent thread.

Shanliing ET3 CD Transport