Bel Canto Dac 3.7 in 2018?

Hi all,

I’ve come across a store demo 3.7 including the VBL for approximately 3000. Mint. Boxed, ready for sell. I know some might consider it dated due to lack of mqa, dsd, pcm, which is not available on this unit. Or perhaps the converter is dated?

Im quite content with 24/192. I’m waiting for the dust to settle on what will become the industry standard.  Mqa still seems questionable. Though promising. 

I currenty own a Bel Canto Reflink which would utilize the fiber connection for optimal SQ.  Add the VBL. It looks like a win for my needs and price. 

At the same time. There are always options, and different viewpoints. Which I would take into account. 

New or used. Would the community agree the 3.7 still holds up for 2018.  Are there similar units for the same price range that will surpass the 3.7 with the VBL. 

I lean towards seperates that has a external power source. Though I am open to a all in one unit. 

I believe Mytek can be hooked up to a separate power supply as well. Though I feel the Mytek  Brooklyn + has way too many features which could potentially impair the SQ. I’m very much into a simple UI. Clean lines. Less is more. Etc..

Thank you for your input. 



@goldprintaudio Awesome, you already know half my system. Finding shops that carry great brands is declining. I miss the wealth of information from dealers such as yourself.

I would tell you about my gear and you would already have an understanding of my system. We all love to talk about our gear journeys. Dealers are the first ones to listen.

Most of us have been regulated to internet reviews and online audiophiles. 

Cheers brother.



@bunkertoy Feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions.  Would love to chat.