Bel Canto E1-X Dac

I am seriously thinking of this dac which JA raved about.

Woulld appreciate comments from any owners here.

Thanks in advance. 



I had this dac. It replaced a ps audio direct stream. The Bel Canto was much better. Ive since replaced it with a Esoteric N-05XD

The Bel Canto worked great through the streamer with Roon or any DLNA app and the digital adjustments worked very well. 

Thanks for sharing, mmcelyea.

I happen to be a happy owner of the Esoteric N-05 and it sounds like you prefer the N-05XD over the Bel Canto. I guess I should seriously consider the N-05XD as an upgrade.

I recently picked up the E1 2.7 DAC, and am very happy with it. I run it direct to a McCormack Gold rebuild with gravity base, and it works better than it did with a Parasound pre in the middle. I’m sure the E X1 would sound even better!

@cheeg A while back I demoed a DAC3 VB in my system and it sounded wonderful.  I pulled my Bryston preamp out (which was the closest thing I’ve heard in my system to straight wire with.gain) and ran the DAC3 directly into my McCormack DNA 0.5 RevA expecting a notable downgrade but heard absolutely no difference.  To say the least, I was shocked so not surprised you found what you did.  BTW, I recently got my 0.5 with all of Steve’s latest upgrades, including the full gravity base, but sadly haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.  I’d be interested in your thoughts on the SMcAudio upgrades if you’re the one who had them done. 

@soix Thanks for your post — as for the DNA 1 Gold with gravity base, it was my upgrade — and I couldn’t be happier (actually it was their “gravity base Junior”, but it’s still a hefty piece of metal!)

I don’t have a good basis for comparing it, since my only other quality amp was the DNA-1 that I upgraded, but in my limited experience, I can’t imagine an amp sounding any better than this. Good luck with your upgrade, and let us know how it turns out!