Bel Canto EVo owners, need advice?

I just purchased this amp and really like it but was wondering if there are of you out there that have one might share any upgrades or tweaks that have even improved the performance of this amp. So far I have added racing cones and upgraded power cord. Thank you for your reply. Rick
Rick, just hypothetically speaking here, is the amp not good enough w/o tweaking? what and how much improvements can be achieved by tweaking an amp? I know I'm not helping... rather I'd like to know your opinion after the tweaks you did. Hopefully yo don't mind answering...
Rick, I have not made any tweaks to this amp yet. I have thought about replacing the powercord, but I want the amp to be fully broken in first. What PC are you using and did it make a big difference from the stock cord? Have you thought of getting a second Evo and runnining them in mono?
Monitor4 and Hiflyer thank you for your response and let me respond to you. The power cord (HT Proac 11) seemed to tighten base response and enlarge the sound stage somewhat. I don't think the cones actually made that much difference, its probably more me in that I want to hold down vibration as much as possible. It is a terrific amp, the only reason I bring up tweaks is because I saw one for sale and in the description the owner said it had been upgraded with higher quality parts internally and attenuators had been added to run CD player direct to the amp, thus eliminating the preamp. Thank you for the replies and have a Merry Christmas.
You buy the pre-amp, first. The best you can afford. Then you buy amp. Pre-amp is way to go. It is the brain, and amp is "guts"!
I agree with Lindeman, the best "tweak" to the EVo was getting a First Sound Presence Audio MKII pre-amp. Its a tube pre-amp, but it is the only tube pre-amp that can match the EVo's black background and bass articulation. I'm now searching for just the right interconnects to go with them. Considering Analysis plus, Cardas Golden Cross, and the new Acoustic Zen cables, but would like to hear what others are using. One of the reviewers at Stereotimes mentioned using some tweaks.