bel canto vs classe amps

Has anyone compared evo2 or s300/m300 with classe amps? What are the differences
I've owned the Classe CAP-151 integrated, the Bel Canto s300, and am currently listening to the Bel Canto eVo2i. The Classe came across as dull and lifeless (boring) compared to the eVo2i. The soundstage is much deeper and three dimensional with the Bel Canto. As for the s300, I would agree with Gmood1 that it is neutral, exceedingly so. The s300 was used without a preamp so not sure how relevant my assessment is.
No experience with Classe power amps but the eVo2i has the same amp as the eVo2 you asked about.
While, I do not favot either of these amp. I own Classe and it full of bloom compared to Bel Canto. Regarding the speaker control (bass etc) - its depends on speaker very much with both of these amps.
Be aware that Bel Canto based on Tripath CANNOT drive loads below 2 Ohms - read multiple reviews in Stereophile.
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