BEL The Wire S-24 Speaker Cable

I have a pair of these speaker cables and they are 2 meters long with spades on both ends.  Do you have a pair of these speaker cables that you don't want?  


What's so special about this wire? As old as it is, it was probably something rather ordinary that he bought off the shelf from a manufacturer. At that time there weren't many specialized audio cables. You'd probably be better off with something newer.

I know what you are saying.  I am currently using it and I like the result.  I like get an additional pair for biwiring or double run.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I just want to get another pair of BEL the Wire S-24.


I don't know what you have tried, but Xangsane and Ataudio on aliexpress both make some fine products that sound great, and they're not copies of any American brands. Also, unlike many American brands, they show cutaway drawings of the cable structure so that you know why you're paying more for one model than another.