BEL The Wire S-24 Speaker Cable

I have a pair of these speaker cables and they are 2 meters long with spades on both ends.  Do you have a pair of these speaker cables that you don't want?  



I didn't think that you were maligning them. I could see that you knew they had some value, so I was just recommending two good brands that I had experience with.

@audiolui: In watching all the used hi-fi sites for years, I have seen a pair of the BEL speaker cables come up for sale only one time in the past ten years or so. I wouldn’t hold your breathe on finding a pair anytime soon. You could try a "Wanted" ad for them on this site and USAM.



Agree.  I used to own a pair BEL 1001 MKV mono blocks and the BEL Wire was a great cable for them. I am going to put a Wanted ad.

@audiolui: Ooh, the Mk.V iteration of the BEL amp! That's the one to have, or I should say have a mono pair of. I didn't know it at the time (in the 1990's), but my favorite dealer in L.A. (Brooks Berdan, Ltd.) sold the BEL amp. BEL was pretty unique in having only one product in it's line. If I could go back in time I would take enough cash to buy a pair of the 1001 Mk.V amps.

Thanks for bringing this brand to my attention. I am a vintage gear guy. Are there identifiers on the cables to look for?