Belated obituary to a jazz great

Jeez, I feel like the apostle of doom the past month. This is the third post I've made in 30 days about a major music figure passing (first John Lee Hooker, then Chet Atkins, now this). I just read a note on Stereophile's Web site that tenor sax great, Joe Henderson, died on June 30th. Here's the link to the Stereophile article:
Yup, that was really sad news. Seems like we're losing all the greats. Hank Jones is apparently undergoing chemo for cancer. I guess I won't ever get to see him in this lifetime.
At the risk of sounding morbid, I nearly stopped attending live jazz performances in the late '70's through the mid-80's. During that time span, I saw Sonny Stitt, Art Pepper, and Bill Evans, and all died within 6-8 weeks after I saw them. My wife, in a burst of dark humor, said I was endangering the jazz world and would do everyone a favor if I simply stayed home.
Yes SD Joe Henderson will be missed but not forgotten. I heard about his passing on a local jazz radio station. I do have some of his cd's and will look for some of his others that will no doubt become classics.
Sdcampbell, sounds like that show, "Murder She Wrote", starring Angela Lansbury--bringer of death. I've got a recital of some of my works coming up in the Cleveland area. Please don't attend. Anyway, I, too, was saddened at the passing of Joe Henderson. Our local jazz station (we only have one) just did a tribute as well.