Belden vs Canare

Getting ready to try and build some component video cables. Am considering Belden 1694A or Canare L-5CFB.
Going to use Canare RCA connectors unless there is something better.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I think the Belden has a slight edge.

Belden copper center conductor is 18 AWG
Canare copper center conductor is 25 AWG

Insulator of Belden is HD Polyethylene
Insulator of Canare is foam Polyethylene

Capacitance (per foot) of Belden is 16 PF
Capacitance (per foot) of Canare is 17 PF

Belden is 3% higher propagation of signal transfer according to tests.

Bottom line, both are excellent and will work. Likely you would never know the difference. Considering the Belden is usually cheaper and holds up better under temperature extremes, I think it's the winner.

I choose the Belden for my system and have all my video and DirecTV runs done with Belden 1694 or better.
I would go with the beldan. Make sure your connectors are same material as the wire. Use good silver solder.