Belkin TuneFM for iPod

I'd like to start using my iPod in the car during the commute to and from work.
Looking to get the best possible sound.

The factory radio in my car is Levinson, so it has a decent tuner, but, there is no iPod interface.

I came across this device from Belkin called TuneFM.
Anyone using this in their car? How does it sound? Any serious interference issues on the highway that may become annoying?

Thanks for any thoughts and ideas.
In my experience, FM tuners are a really lame (if often necessary) solution to this problem. More and more, cars are starting to either have iPod-specific interfaces, or at least an "Aux" connection. My last car, an Acura 2004 TL, had a cassette player (!) so I connected the iPod that way.

From my experience, there just isn't a good FM tuner out there. It sounds like a transistor radio to my ears. Sorry to hear this may be your only way to link up.
I do have a cassette player, although I don't think I even used it once.
Do you think that the cassette adapter is a better solution?
I have tried 2 FM Tuners for Ipod. One from Griffin and the other from Monster. Neither of them were effective. Lots of static and poor reception.

I am currently using a cassette adaptor style of connection which gives much better sound quality however it is less tidy.

Good luck.