Belkin TuneFM for iPod

I'd like to start using my iPod in the car during the commute to and from work.
Looking to get the best possible sound.

The factory radio in my car is Levinson, so it has a decent tuner, but, there is no iPod interface.

I came across this device from Belkin called TuneFM.
Anyone using this in their car? How does it sound? Any serious interference issues on the highway that may become annoying?

Thanks for any thoughts and ideas.
Nikturner920, I'm in Brooklyn, NY. So probably the Monster unit would not be good, ha?
I recently tried the Griffin with my ipod. I got it to work, but the sound is not worth the trouble, very disappointing.

Thanks for the cassette adapter tip I'll give it a try.
I have owned both the Belkin and the Monster cassette adapters. The Monster yielded considerably better results on every count, so maybe worth factoring in when considering which brand to buy.
I returned the belkin after not being able to find a clear space on the dial in Houston for my Dad's Lexus. I used the Griffin in my friends car and it sounded ok...

The Cassette adapter will probably work but they tend to destroy tape heads in the long run...not that anyone really cares.

Depending on the car stereo you can replace the changer with an ipod interface (controlled by your car stereo) or get a Phatbox (I have one in my Audi and it rocks....20gig cart controlled by my cd changer and line inputs). Using the changer input is by far the best option..there are tons of these out for most cars..

The other option is to look at one of the bluetooth installed modules for your cellphone and an ipod interface and these interrupt between the head unit and the amp....
I own the Belkin to get music into my car CDP. While it does the job, it is at the expense of fidelity. Very rolled off highs, alot of swishy background noise added to the music. Spend $100 more and get a car CDP that has a harness/interface for the ipod if you really want ipod in. My other car has a cassette player, and I get much better sound through the cheap cassette adaptor.
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