Belles 350A vs McCormack DNA-225 for Usher BE-718

I'm torn between these 2. Which one would you pick and why? Currently using a Bel Canto S300. Priorities are holographic vocals, big, deep soundstage, natural sound, warm and "tubelike", but definitely want more detail and don't want a flabby low end either.

Got a DNA-1 and am impressed with its natural tonality, but the S300 beats it in detail, soundstage, and smoothness. I like them both and am drawn to the warm musicality and bass of the DNA-1, but am keeping the Bel Canto for now. Other components are Usher BE-718, YS/Audio Experience Symphonies Plus-R tube pre, Havana DAC, ACI Titan II LE.

Budget is about $1400 - $1700. May even consider dumping the pre and going integrated if worthwhile (Plinius 8200 MK II?) but need power.
I have owned McCormack for the last eight years. I would highly recommend them above many others. I have used them with Dynaudio, Vienna Acoustics, Mirage, Volent and TAD. Read the reviews they are true. The McCormack traits are: Fast, Detailed, Neutral. Not tubey or solid state, just great. Very tight, accurate bass. Musical. You can play around with pre amp to suit your needs the McCormack amps will not interfere.
Have you considered having Steve upgrade your DNA-1? I think his Gold Mod for the DNA-1 is in your price range. The mods may give you that extra you are looking for. His mods are listed on his You may want to give him a call or e-mail him.
I would look for a 350 Belles or an ARC D400Mk11 before I would mod anything,YMMV,Bob
I'm going with the Belles 150A Reference. Crossing my fingers that 125 WPC will be enough for the Ushers!
Let us know what you think of the Belles after you have a chance to let it settle into your system. I think you will find it similar to the McCormack. Either way you made the right choice. They are both excellent choices. Good luck!