Belles and Legacy

Just curious if anyone has tried the Belles Aria Monos with Legacy Focus SE's. While the SE's are fairly efficient they do respond well to more power. I'm mostly concerned if the Belles 175 watts is sufficient for the SE's bass. Any thoughts are appreciated.


I’m seeing the Belles monos only deliver 112 at 8 ohm.  Does it go up to 175 at 4 ohm? When I had the Focus SE, a Modwright KWA150 SE controlled it really well. I did notice a significant loss of bass control with a 50wpc amplifier.

I’d bet the Belles will do alright, but many amps will control the speakers much better. 

Thanks for the insight. I ended up going with the 350A Reference. I'm waiting for it to arrive. It should be interesting!