Belles Aria Integrated burn in time

I recently purchased a Belles Aria Integrated and so far couldn’t be more pleased. From both the manual and other postings, the burn in time seems to be about 200-250 hours. Aside from the sound, I love how quiet and cool it runs. When playing music at low volumes (baby in the house), I can’t detect any sound from the amp. In fact, I often leave it on with the mute button on and have never noticed it. 

I’m at roughly 6 hours, and think it’s absolutely fantastic. I was interested in some feedback as I keep listening. I’m very curious about what to expect, as at the moment I don’t see any room for improvement. Please keep in mind that this is the first time I’ve owned an amp of this caliber. The Belles has replaced my NAD T785 AV Receiver as I’m now only interested in analog stereo. 
Burn in is one of those strange things that is hard to put a finger on.
For me, I just turn on the stereo and listen like I always do.
After a number of hours, I realize something changed-usually for the better.
Hardly scientific, but it seems to have been noticed by many.
And, congrats on a great piece of kit. My Aria monoblocks are due to arrive tomorrow.
I’ve been enjoying my Aria Integrated immensely the past 3 days.  I bought it with maybe 100 hours on it.  It sounds fantastic so if it gets better I’ll be elated.  The synergy between this musIcal amp and the musical Fritz Carrera BE’s is really good.

The manual says 250 hours.  Something else that I thought was interesting is the damping factor of 2000.  That seems very high.  
I also popped the cover off to look inside and it’s laid out very nicely.  
The Aria is an understated amp!  Not the most muscular but good power and it has the magic.  The imaging, the soundstage, the vocals, the highs are all to die for.

Between my speakers, dac and integrated, my system has a goosebumps factor that I’ve never had. Oh man, the music is good right now, let me tell ya!
I’ve had my Belles Aria Int. amp for about 4 years and I love it. It seems to be a perfect match for my Vandersteen 1Ci speakers; the sound quality is astounding, open and balanced with tight, realistic bass that is never boomy, never fatiguing. I can’t put an hours figure on it, but I can say with a high degree of certainty that it sounded better a few months into ownership than when new, and even right out of the box was very impressive,  It flies under the radar, has virtually no reviews from the audio press and is rarely if ever mentioned in anybodies list/rankings of top amplifiers. Listen to it and judge for yourself - I was convinced in less than a minute and it captivates me every time, all the time. This amp is the real deal!
Yesterday I had my first opportunity to really crank it up. For a few minutes I had it close the 3 o’clock position (definitely too loud) but mostly had it about 12-1, and I was continuously impressed, which is why I don’t see how it can get any better. In an attempt to be very critical, certain vocals sounded slightly different than expected, specifically Robert Plant. So I wasn’t sure if it’s the amp (and if so will change with use) or if I’ve never accurately heard his voice. The criticism is the higher end notes at times seemed slightly grainy (apologies as not sure how to accurately describe). At the risk of touching on a Wayne’s World joke, yes, it was Stairway!

Separately, Black by Pearl Jam blew me away. While I don’t know anything about the audio production, it was just awesome borderline perfect.

For the complete picture, I’m using a Pro-Ject debut carbon esprit sb source and Dali Ikon 2 speakers which I didn’t realize how nice the can really sound.