Belles Greatest Integrated ever! The Virtuoso

Just before the Holiday's, I noticed on several authorized Belles websites, that certain separates went out of production which is a pattern that would indicate new products are forthcoming, and sure enough a new Integrated popped up on the Belles website last week, which appears to be his greatest integrated amp to date. The Virtuoso,
putting out over 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms, HT bypass, Processor loop, MM & MC phono stage, and power meters on the front panel. The unit will be released in March at a price tag of $6495. Given David Belles reputation during the past 30 years, who has always been at the top of his game as perhaps the best solid state engineer designer ever in the states, since musicality has always been his first order of business, it wouldn't surprise me at all that the Virtuoso will fly out the door and winds up on the back order list. Its a real looker.
Very handsome unit. Well done David! Its what we've been waiting for.
2chfreak..The one thing I like about the Sierra Towers is that they weigh only 44 pounds! The lightness of bamboo. Since bamboo is 500% stronger than MDF, it can take on much higher levels of distortion, resonance, and internal turbulence from low frequencies resulting in much better bass performance.
audiozen- Makes you wonder why more speaker aren't made from bamboo? More cost prohibitive... not in Ascends case though; their business model a lot more efficient allows for alternatives to MDF, I assume. That 44 lbs is pretty light - mine are a couple pounds lighter but the low profile Anchor stands aren't exactly light, have then filled with sand, so actually a bit heavier. The first time I picked up a bamboo cutting board, I was impressed with the solidity and density of it, thinking "they can do this with bamboo? Next time I'm eating bamboo shoots in a stir fry, I'll think off the Ascends.
I know there are some other companies using Bamboo for their speakers, can't think of them off the top of my head. Something else to do a search on! Gotta hear the Tower one of these days.
2chfreak..Check this out. A review you will thoroughly enjoy of the same
speaker I just sold in November. The Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 SE.
Click on The Sound Apprentice link. On the home page to the right, there is a list of "topics and brands" in individual boxes. Click on the one that says Ascend Acoustics, it will open up the review of the CBM-170 SE which concludes the speaker sets the standard against any other in its price range. Mind you that this is their budget small bookshelf much below the Sierra Tower, and the review is outstanding. Theres a method I use from time to time to check out gear in person during the past twenty years thats not available in my area. I'll call the manufacturer of the gear of interest, tell them I want to purchase, and ask if they have customer's in my home area that have purchased, and ask if they could call the customer, give them my contact info, to see if they wouldn't mind coming over for a listen. The results have always been positive and you wind up making a new Audio friend. Call Dave Fabrikant to set it up.


"I could care less about a retailer here in Seattle carrying the Belles product line. I just pick up the phone, call the Belles dealer in California, and have gear shipped by blue label. And no tax!! Easy Peasy! "

Earlier you responded to question about what Belles amp you owned with this statement
"  I was turned on to Belles four years ago by a local audiophile friend who I've known for twenty years who I met at the Washington Audio society monthly meetings years ago. On several occasions, I had the pleasure of listening to his Belles Hot Rod amp hooked up to his Spectral DMC-10 preamp. "

So what Belles amp do you own?


" Their products sell constantly all year around since they have the strongest word of mouth reputation in the country amongst Musicphiles. All the other companies can only survive with their ongoing magazine ads, and constant audio establishment reviews or they would die on the vine. Not Dave Belles "

What possible basis in fact can you make these statements?