Belles Greatest Integrated ever! The Virtuoso

Just before the Holiday's, I noticed on several authorized Belles websites, that certain separates went out of production which is a pattern that would indicate new products are forthcoming, and sure enough a new Integrated popped up on the Belles website last week, which appears to be his greatest integrated amp to date. The Virtuoso,
putting out over 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms, HT bypass, Processor loop, MM & MC phono stage, and power meters on the front panel. The unit will be released in March at a price tag of $6495. Given David Belles reputation during the past 30 years, who has always been at the top of his game as perhaps the best solid state engineer designer ever in the states, since musicality has always been his first order of business, it wouldn't surprise me at all that the Virtuoso will fly out the door and winds up on the back order list. Its a real looker.
Very handsome unit. Well done David! Its what we've been waiting for.
kclone..Belles has been very consistent regarding the back of their amps using on every component very high quality Tiffany RCA inputs and outputs and high quality speaker connector's. Look at the back of many of their units on Google images.
For those in Great Britain reading this thread discovering Belles for the first time, here is the address of the Belles Distributor in England, Nu Nu Distribution LTD.

     Here ya go mates...


audiozen - I checked out the review>soundapprentice>CBM-170SE. Sounds like a real wolf in sheeps clothing speaker. I'm not about exotic finishes and 12 coats of paint and gloss - more about sound quality than cosmetics. If I get a chance to hear any Ascends, I will give a listen. The manufacturer contacting a purchaser and setting up a listening session is a great idea. That's two for two impressive reviews that don't sound like hyperbole. Thanks for the link, and for the advice.  
2chfreak - Heres another gem I'll throw atcha. One of the very best tube buffers under $1K on the planet. Hand made in London. Its a portable box unit you can hold in your hand with inputs and outputs with a single NOS GE 5670 tube that has a life of !00,000 hours. Put it between your CD player and Preamp, or between your Preamp and amplifier. It has three different sonic signature settings. Classic, Push-Pull and SET. It will transform the sound quality of your current system to a higher level.
It is the ifi-iTube2. Retails for $ 375.00 on Amazon. Heres the link.


Link does not work. Try this one...