Ben Harper

Man, I'm diggin this Cat (sorry for my lame attempt to be cool). A while back I bought the cd by Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama, which is outstanding. I recently picked up his new one, "Lifeline" which I'm tapping my toe to as I type this. Any other Ben Harper fans out there? What other recordings should I be on the lookout for?
get fight for your mind and welcome to the cruel world. without a doubt the best stuff he's done. Both sides of the gun was also great, I recommend you pick up the entire catalog. If you get a chance, go see him play live. This guy will blow you away!
I don't know if your into Torrents but I would scour the net and try to find some soundboards. The majority of shows I've downloaded were soundboard/FM Radio feeds. Most FM feeds from Europe. Sound is phenomenal in most cases. I get the impression that he is very particular about his gear setup and mixing. I've mostly recordings from mid 90's - very raw and mesmerizing at times - sick guitar work. I'm not big on his pop stuff (Steal my kisses), but hey the guy deserves to earn a buck. Once you get a taste of some of these boots, that 'Lifeline' disc will be collecting dust.

Get a hold of "Welcome to the Cruel World" and give a listen to the cut 'Whipping Boy' on a good system. Oh yeah, and what Proghead says.
As a Ben Harper fan you'll enjoy his contribution to the heartfelt movie "Standing in the Shadows of Motown."

He tears up,,,,,, no I shouldn't tell you.
I have seen Ben Harper now five times. Took my 2 daughters 3 times. Very gracious person, my daughters have photos taken with Ben..they were overwhelmed. He sounds in concert like he does on disc..only that much better live. Lyrics of his own are incredible, players are marevelous! Covers of Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Star Spangled Banner and of Bob Dylan's "Masters of War"... that was the most compelling for sure. All of these recordings are on a varied and diifferent musical level, and insight.never the same.

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals can actually play real instruments in a live forum! Tom
"fight for your mind" is one of my all time favorite recordings. other than that i have only liked a few songs here and there like the live version of "blessed to be a witness", a couple of songs with the blind boys, and a lovely slow song off of the gun cd. and i agree the song he did on motown recording was great.