Ben-Micro MC-3 Moving-Coil Cartridge

I find it annoying when only a portion of a subject matter is presented.  If you search the internet for Benz-Micre MC-3 phono cartridge, the only finding is just page 1 of a 4 page review by Thomas J Norton of Stereophile magazine.  This is the Flagship model of Benz-Micro that was introduced 1990/1991.  Just page one - "a tease" and nothing more.  I believe Benze-Micro also made the Cartridges that were supplied with the Oracle turntables under the Oracle name.  An excellent cartridge and a standard of sorts.  Yes, I also own one. But that is not the point, I believe the entire article / review should be made available.  So I took the liberty to scan my issue of Stereophile and make it available.

Since I am new to this site, I am not certain how I need to do this, so I am attempting to provide the pdf as an attachment and I hope it works.  Forgive me, but it was just "bugging" me that the entire article was not made available.  Did not work - need advice.




Since the attempt of attaching a pdf document did not work for me.  Because, I obviously, am incapable of being able to do this task, I decided to have it available to anyone who is interested on the Scribd website.  The link is as follows: 

Good luck!

Thank you - it is interesting to read reviews from an era when they seemed honest and fair. Perhaps I was just more innocent then and believed them. Also nice to see the recordings being used from Opus 3, Proprius and Chesky. I still think the Opus 3 recordings I have are the best sounding ever.