Benchmark AHB2 amplifier - what to expect?

My current amplifier, driven by Benchmark DAC3 HGC, is Rowland model 102.  It is basically couple of Icepower 200ASC modules packed into resonance free heavy case, with additional input differential amp THAT1200.  These modules were used in many small class D amps, including Bel Canto S300 and M300.  I feel that Benchmark AHB2 might be a good choice for few reasons:

- It matches my Benchmark DAC3 (electrically and physically) 
- It has neutral sound, that I like, with very low noise floor (according to reviews)
- It could possibly extend trebles a little more  (trebles are slightly veiled now).

My speakers are Hyperion Sound HPS-938, (a giant killer), but not too many people are familiar with them since company went bankrupt few years ago.  They tend to sound warm (soft dome tweeter), with wonderful midrange.

I'm looking for anyone familiar with AHB2 and class D amps.  I found favorable review of AHB2 vs NAD M22, but it might not apply to my situation since M22 is based on different modules (Hypex).  My birthday is coming in a month and I could buy myself a present.  I will be grateful for any comments.

I got the message a day after I signed up for email notification when available. BM also provides a preorder link
I wish more amps had gain adjustments like the Benchmark. Accuphase comes to mind for the gain feature. I always wanted to try an Accuphase amp, however, way pricey (for me anyway)
Agree, it’s really one of many BM designs with practical and beneficial sonic paybacks than the voodoo claims from other brands. “Gain Staging” can boost your system S/N ratio tremendously along with the use of true balanced connections.

Due to a recent house move, I have been experimenting with two sets of stereo systems I have assembled over the years and found things quite interesting, especially with speakers, preamp and amplifiers matching, in my case Harbeth Compact 7-ES / B&W 702 S2, amplifiers MC MHA 150 / Benchmark ABH2 / Rotel 1552 MkII / PS Audio Stellar S300. Preamp is PS Audio BHK. Sources are HIFI Rose 250 streaming transport / Technics 1500 turntable / Audio Lab CD transport. DACs are Schitt Audio Multibit / Gustard X16.

IMHO BM ABH2 paired well with Harbeth speakers and BHK preamp, it delivered stunning sound stage and resolution, at the same time well preserve the musicality of the whole chain without sounding too analytical or bright for most of the recording quality and materials. When switching to BW 702s, the chain sounds good, but could be a bit too bright or fatiguing for certain recordings. Harbeth also tolerated class D amplifiers such as PS Audio Steller very well, even through its sensitivity is only 87db. So much for trusting the specifications.

So at the end my BW 702s sounds best with BHK preamp and Rotel 1552 MK II. The BM amplifier coupled with BW’s high sensitivity and sheer resolution power are just too much for my ears.

Hopefully this experience is helpful for other folks.