Benchmark AHB2 or Class D (GaN FET)

The Benchmark AHB2 seems to be a different twist on linear Class AB amplifier design.  This amp uses a different approach to distortion cancellation that gets around some of the problems of using large amounts of negative feedback.  It uses a THX patented technology (under license) called AAA.  This amp has been around for several years. It gets rave reviews, so I am surprised that the technology is not in more widespread use.

I am interested in why this approach is not more widely used.

Also, how would this amplifier compare to the newest Class D technology, which uses GaN FETs and much higher switching frequencies.  (GaN Class D amplifiers which are price-competitive with the AHB2 are the LSA Voyager and Peachtree).  

At a higher price point would be Atma-Sphere Class D monoblocks and the AGD Tempo.

I would appreciate hearing the forum members' opinions on the AHB2 technology vs the latest Class D amps.




I heard it pushing Martin Logan panels hard. Not impressed. The room was probably a factor but I get better sound at home with ICEpower driving Acoustats.

Not the last time that dopes think demo means LOUD. The amp seemed to square it off.

I would add the Orchard Audio Starkrimson Ultra to the class D amps to try list.  it’s a GaN FET amp.  I’ve heard great reviews for the AHB2 but haven’t actually heard one yet.  What speakers are you going to run them with?  Do you need more power than what the AHB2 puts out?

Nothing new here. THX AAA is just a variation of feed-forward error correction. Peter Walker (Quad) used this method in 1976 with the 405 amp. Later the 306/606 and other Quad amps used feed-forward successfully. 

@nymarty my speakers are Acoustic Zen Crescendo II.

They are nominally 6 ohms and about 90dB sensitivity.