Benchmark DAC 1- Pre

Pondering purchasing above. Anyone "in the know" know if this model is imminently due for a product revision? It's a lot of dough for me and I'd hate to buy something that is on the docket for an impending revision.
I don't believe that the DAC 1-Pre has a USB input, which may be helpful to you in the future. For less money, you could look at the MHDT Paradisio (+?). Just my 2 cents worth. Happy Listening
There should be lots of discussion about the Benchmark in the archives. It was the "hot thing" a few years back. Benchmark now has several configurations available now.
The DAC1 PRE has a USB input. Benchmark already updated the PRE and it's called the HDR. The HDR uses better op amps in the output stages, a motorized Alps potentiometer, includes a very nice aluminum remote, and it has a two-stage muting function. The HDR is $300 more expensive than the PRE, and Benchmark claims there's little if any audible difference. I just got an HDR and all I can say is that it is the only DAC/pre-amp to unseat my Levinson No 39 from its spot in 15 years. On the other hand, the first you time you see one of the Benchmark products the small size and low weight do take some getting used to for the price, especially after getting used to boat-anchor-heavy Levinson stuff.