Benefit of a PS Audio UPC-200 on the Front End?

With a new preamp addition,VTL 5.5 Tube w/phono,I find that I am out of electrical outlets.(I previously utilized the outlets on the back of my old preamp). So,do I add a Juice Bar type power strip or something like a PS Audio UPC-200? Use Zone 1 for my PreAmp & CD player, & Zone 2 for the Subwoofer Amp/crossover & seperate Reciever for the kitchen speakers.(I can either plug the turntable into the back of the receiver or straight into the wall).Will a unit like the PS Audio UPC-200 provide improved dyanamics??
go to and look at his power box he builds has 4 outlets,once you get idea of what it is ,then take a field trip to lowes,or homedepot get the parts youself and build it,lowes sales the orange hospital outlets for 14.00 each get 10 or 12 gauge wire,3 pole,white green,and get the box there can even get a good 3 prong plug there.i had same deal as you once i made this, then i worked on power dont want to run your preamp and cd in same plug on upc keed them apart digital has been said to keep away from anolog,run your anolog in the box you make and then get any thing you want,for the price of the upc .you can get a used line conditioner on here that will allow you to plug all your stuff in,tice,monster ,panamax just look around on here,my buddy bought monster 3500 something 200 or so dollars and he has outlets left over,
As to the Answer to your question regarding the UPC I use them in my system and they work great. If your looking for the cheap to get extra outlets pick up some at your local home depot, lowes and build your own, but if your in it for the long haul I suggest looking into dedicated lines first as this would be the first step in your improvement with your AC. I then would do some research on power conditioners as there are many!
If you install two or three lines this could work for your intire system. I use a total of three dedicated lines, one each for my amps with a UPC 200 on each amp and the last one for my power plant and my power director which is connected into the power plant. I find this set up to work best for me with plenty of outlets. I would do some research on power conditioners and regeneraters as they are different, they both have good and bad as with all things. Check out PS Audio web site as they have some good info.