Berning EA-230 vs RM-10mkII with Merlin VSM

Preamp is a Joule LA 100 mkIII. Curious as to whether anyone has done a direct comparison with these two amplifiers. Any insight is appreciated. Ultimately, I am looking for inner detail and realism, but with warmth ( I think my preamp takes care of some of the warmth). I have been happy with the ea-230, but have heard wonderful things about the Music Reference.
The Joule is a wonderful preamp for the Merlins. Used to have this one that I used with a Plinius amp for my TSM-MXe's. Nice combo but I ended up with a Filarmonia integrated. Still wish that I would have kept both the Joule and the Plinius.....just because they did absolutely nothing wrong.

Have not heard the RM10 (in my system), and have not ever heard the Berning but from what I understand, either will be a treat for your ears.

enjoy the journey
It might be difficult to find one who has heard both these amps in their system. I can vouch for a Joule/Music Reference combo as I used to own an RM-9 and used it with my LA-100 MkIII. At the time I had Spendor 1/2e speakers.

Another Audiogon member here, Pubul57, uses the RM-10 MkII with his Merlins and it seems to do just fine. I now have an RM-10 MkII as well and would say its one of the most underrated amps out there. Both of us use passive preamps with the RM-10 MkII.

I've always been curious about the EA-230. Next time one comes up used I may have to give it a try. I do own the Berning Micro ZOTL amp/preamp/headphone amp and have been very pleased with it.
I have owned both the Berning (several years ago) and the RM-10 (currently), so I cannot make a simultaneous comparison on the same system. FWIW, I prefer the RM-10.