Beryllium Tweets

who is buying into the ~~hype~~?
 I mean new is not always better. I think this Beryllium  is all hype. ~~ IF indeed  this tweet was superior to past proven and tried legends,,why are there not videos on Youtube with the ~~goods~~ the proof is in the listening So  far there are no  uploads with a  compare to old Legends. 
I am staying with my Millenium. 
I've read somewhere the Be tweet sounds rather plastic-ity on top end. 
btw we should mention the Be tweet is actually a  mid-tweet which is the best design for a  2 way. 
If someone can make a series of vids comparing the new kidontheblock Beryllium, I ain;t buying in and have this gut feeling its all hyped. 
skaneoil buster here. 
fyi... Yamaha or Pioneer claims that they are the inventors of BE.  They might be the first person to use vaporized BE on the tweeter and midrange but not pure BE (To me it’s not consider pure BE).  Only a few industries does pure BE that is Radian and TruExtent Materion, the rest are subsidiaries.  Even Jbl, jmlab, seas, Paradigm and Scanspeaks do not make their own BE,  actual (materials) are made by Materion TruExtent.  Company like Usher and China made BE are not true BE, they are Faux n Vapor BE.  
Yes, I have heard them. I "think" I loved them but the NS 5000 are a little large for my room. I am thinking a new model in-between the NS3000 (monitors)  and the NS5000 will be released soon, maybe NS4000. If they do not release a new model I am considering still buying the NS 5000 and put some DSP on the bass.

I had previously considered the Paradigm Persona 3F as the speaker to get. That speaker has the Be tweeter and mid-range. It is the second speaker to have that combo. The first was the Yamaha NS 1000 in the mid-1970's. The NS 5000 is the new version of the NS 1000.

The Persona was great to my ears, I know some people find it too bright. I love the detail from the Be drivers. Just sounded great to me. However, the Yamaha has all 3 drivers, including the 12 inch woofer made from Zylon. The Yamaha seemed to have the same detail as the Persona but it sounded even more coherent. The Persona has different material on the woofers than the other 2 Be drivers. I was thinking that having the same material for all 3 drivers made the NS5000 sound so coherent across the frequency range. A very realistic sound, especially realistic on piano.

My demo was in the same store, different room, during different months. The Persona was in a very good room and the NS5000 was in the worst room imaginable to put a stereo, a glass walled small conference room. However, even in that room I thought the NS 5000 sounded a bit better when you focused just on particular instruments. The room was idiotic, so that is why I "THINK" and it "SEEMED" better.

Since the store has both the Persona and the Yamaha I want to hear then again in the good demo room. I am hoping a smaller NS 4000 comes out before I go for that final demo. Covaid is also keeping my butt in the house for now. I will get 1 of those 2 speakers. The Persona 3F is a tremendous speaker and so is the NS 5000. The NS 5000 may have the advantage with the zylon woofer. The 3F has the advantage in the smaller space without DSP.
I was a Yamaha dealer in the mid 70’s when they introduced the NS 1000... It was all beryllium vapor deposited in Yamaha facilities in japan....
Forming a dome was not possible due to the brittle property of be. ..Big dealer event...
I'm looking at trying the Tekton Lore speakers but can't decide if I should get the BE for an extra $300. Is it worth it?
Better dan the Be-tweeter is the scan-tweeter. Be.sounds “cheep”, plastic-ity, like you said. I made a proof with both of them. The “scan”-tweeter sounds more natural,more open. The beryllium laks the “clarity” in the high tones. Ribbon tweeters are also very good: beautiful high and not over the edge.