beryllium vs diamond

Hi guys, today's technology has brought us a new type of tweeter made of diamond or beryllium. Do you know what are the strengths and weaknesses of diamond vs beryllium? Which one is the more expensive? Has today's dome tweeter better resolving power than the venerable electrostat? Jim Thiel once said that dynamic designs will be getting better all the time and will probably surpass electrostatic designs.
I love the Be drivers in the Paradigm sig s8 v2 but I kind of want to move away from it since I worry if it blows 1 day the Be will become a dust in the air.

Anyone like tweeters other than Be or ribbons ?
When tweeters “blow”, its their voice coil that fries to an open circuit. Never seen any tweeter explode. 
When tweeters “blow”, its their voice coil that fries to an open circuit. Never seen any tweeter diaphragm explode. 
Smod, if you read this thread fully, we are taking bout a few other materials.  I have personally enjoyed the Vandersteen Quatro CT's for awhile now.  As we have mentioned, it's all about implementation.  A great designer can get any of these to sound decent, but for me, nothing has beaten the Vandersteen Carbon drivers yet.  I love Tidal, Rockport and many others, so it's not me just being a fan boy.  I'm not a Wilson or Magico or B&W fan.  It's often the way they voice them.  Too forward or too laid back are sounds I can't fall for.  This is just me and what I love.  I need micro and macro detail. It's where the emotion is.  Too many speakers are fast and revealing, but can be fatiguing if not don't correctly. 

All designers have to make compromises, regardless of cost.  That goes for the half million dollar speakers that are out there.  Too many get wrapped up in 'what is the best material etc..', but there isn't any.  It's what certain designers have chosen to achieve what they want.  We all have favorite designers who's products we usually love.