beryllium vs diamond

Hi guys, today's technology has brought us a new type of tweeter made of diamond or beryllium. Do you know what are the strengths and weaknesses of diamond vs beryllium? Which one is the more expensive? Has today's dome tweeter better resolving power than the venerable electrostat? Jim Thiel once said that dynamic designs will be getting better all the time and will probably surpass electrostatic designs.
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Show the links then seeing your soooo animated about it.
I was more referring to Yamaha anyway, many models 1000 1000m 1000x 2000  2000x were a hoax saying they were Beryllium, when they were just vapour deposited coatings over plastic domes.
 Elizabeth, A Be tweeter won’t kill you. Unless you planned on grinding up 5 or 6 of them and snorting them.... 🙄
smodtactical141 posts07-15-2019 12:58am@ctsooner those carbon tweeters on the Vandys look extremely appealing. You make it sound like they have the detail of a magico but the ease of a Wilson ?

To my ears, as well as many I know, the Vandersteen’s put you a third of the way back in Orchestra in the middle seat. They are also near or full range (depending on your model).

Not trying to turn this into a commercial though.

I searched to find out if some tweeters are 100% Be with no substrate, but the best I found was ’Be Foil’. Either way, you are trying to get pure piston movement of all speakers (dynamic).
I recently tested a LOT of tweeters to decide what I wanted to include in my speakers.  

Beryllium is bright and metallic.  Some brands do a better job of taming it than others but at a root level, I just couldn't love any of the ones I have heard.  Tons of detail but at a very fatiguing price.  I would rather listen to a silk dome personally unless paired with very warm electronics.  

Diamond tweeters to me sound better but the only one I have heard that I really love is from Accuton and it is PRICEY!  Marten's high end speakers are mind boggling in terms of soundstage but at $1500 each for just the tweeter, I found it difficult to include in my speakers.  Lesser diamond tweeters lack the soundstage that beryllium delivers.  

Accuton and Eton both offer ceramic domes though Eton is sandwiched with Magnesium.  Much more reasonably priced and I feel they offer as much detail as a beryllium without the hard, metallic edge.  Incidentally, I opted to use Eton tweeters in my speakers.