Besides the BBB how do you fight claim resolution against FedEx

I shipped a subwoofer to a buyer with FedEx and despite packing it with hard foam and double boxing it, the subwoofer was damaged in transit, most likely dropped.  FedEx denied my $350 claim. Interestingly, I was the receiver of a subwoofer that was damaged in transit a few weeks ago.  It seems that FedEx is not too good at shipping fragile items. Has anyone had such experience withe this company and were you successful in your claim?  thanks.


@spenav was the item insured via FedEx for the $350 value? If not they would not even consider the claim. If it was insured then continue to fight it with hopefully pics of damage and packing.

Good luck

I will only do local sales anymore on speakers and subs. Crating a $350 sub is not very cost effective. If you are in a metro area local buyers abound. Facebook marketplace is great. 


I got some money back from them including shipping. It was very close to what I was asking. 
I agree that subs are better sold locally. Thanks. 

If the item was insured and you have documentation, then I would file a pro se lawsuit. Fed Ex will try to quash it but then you’ll just provide the documentation to the judge and the lawsuit will move forward. Most likely after that, you’ll get a phone call from the attorneys at Fed Ex and they’ll give you a settlement offer for the insured amount.