Best 1-2K class D or class T amp?

I have a Consonance tube amp at the moment and it sounds fantastic, top to bottom. Of course that's never quite enough and I was wondering if anyone thinks that a "digital" amp in the 1-2k range used would offer substantial benefits (source is an Emu 0404). Was looking at the CI-100 monoblocks. Thanks.
I own a pair of Consonance Cyber 845 monoblocks as well as a Red Wine Sig 30.

Both are fabulous amps and the RW is the most amazing SS amp I've ever heard. It it utterly smooth and sounds like a great SET tube amp in every way.

Better than your current amp? I don't know. Probably not worse, but that's not a reason to upgrade.
Paul - agreed... need to find a digital amp to listen to around here (Pgh)
Fazoid, thanks for the heads up.
41hz website offers a DIY T amp that sounds excellent, although I have not heard a SS amp that I prefer to Tubes. 100w a channel for around 100.00
Let me put it this way: Does anything beat the CI D-100 monoblocks for the price ($1700)?