best 1-source pre-amp w/remote - $700-$2000 used?

Hey all,
Please give me your recommendation on a remote-controlled pre-amp for use in a 2-channel system using only one (cd) input, in the price range of $700-$2000? If there's one you know of that's an outstanding value, and it's a bit out of the budget, please let me know?
I'll be using with 300b monoblocks into Avantgarde Duos.
Obviously Looking for hi-quality performance and the most bang for the buck.
Thanks for your suggestions and happy listening!
Sorry To Butt In.... But, I'm in the market for a good Pre Myself. Are Those Placette Units Really "All That"? I keep seeing these mentioned here as well as AA. How long have you guys had them, and what have you compared them to? What Type of Sonics do the Placette units bring to the table, if any? any NEW reviews of these that I could go read?

I owned the 3-input passive, ended up selling when I went to an integrated amp. Still regret it a bit....even though I'm not using a power amp !

I've had Counterpoint, Krell, Pass, and (briefly) Audio Research preamps. This was the best for clarity and letting more music through. It had very good, deep, fast, and punchy bass - a rare find in passives. And basically was neutral from top to bottom.

The ONLY negative - and it's nit-picking, believe me - was a very slight dryness added to the lower treble. A slight recession perhaps that gave a slight darkness to that frequency range.

Still, it was better than anything else I had before.

One technology I HAVE been curious to try is transformer-based passive pre's. Bent Audio supposedly has some nicer, less expensive units, one even offering remote control. But I have no experience with it/them, hence the Placette recommendation.


Todd - chams_uk
The Placette and a TVC aren't even playing in the same league. A transformer based passive is laughably better in all respects. This is especially true in the midrange, where the Placette can be wiry and dry. Not so the TX-102. Much better in my opinion, and in the opinions of a few audio buddies of mine as well.