Best 10K Speaker

System is Bryston 4B-SST amp and BP-26 pre-amp, Ayre CX-7E cd player, and JM Lab MU Be monitors. Musical tastes run to instrumental classical and jazz music. Although, I am very happy with this set-up, I would like to have speakers that have the hyper detail of the JM Lab Micro Utopias, and yet also have bass you can hear and feel. I do not have room to have two subwoofers, and I have found that for me one subwoofer just does not sound right. So, I looking at floorstander's in the 10k range that go down into the 25 Hz range. My choices are down to Thiel CS6 , Audio Physic Avanti 3's, Vienna Acoustic Mahler's, and Sonus Faber Amatti's( These would have to be used ). I would greatly appreciate any input from anyone who has seriously listened to any speakers on this list, or could suggest any other speakers for consideration.
The Martin Logan Summit is a possibility.
10K retail.
Small footprint (though you will need to get it off of the back and side walls by 3 to 6 feet).
Two powered 12" woofers in each speaker.
Nice looking wood veneers (WAF).
Very detailed in the highs.
Very dynamic.

Good luck!
Jhwalker - I'm interested in what subwoofers you've tried and were unsuccessful with.

My guess is something like a Velodyne DD15 would solve your problem, and save you a lot of time and money. Comes with a mic to and hooks up to your tv to take a freq response of your room, then automatically uses parametric EQ to fix the bass problems with your room. I have one seamlessly integrated with my Dyn S1.4s. The sub is completely invisible - it sounds like all of this amazing bass is coming right from the dynaudios - but in reality, they are high-passed at 80hz.
WAF, bummer. Ok, here is an idea. Buy a pair of Jadis Eurythmie speakers and place them in the corners. Show her the speakers and after a brief stroke out period on her part, she might be a litte more receptive to some of the models mentioned here.
Room size? This will be most important issue. If your room is not big enough fullrange speaker will overblown it.
I second Kops and Raquel, both used Amati Hommage and Mahler are good choices...
Krell Resolution 1 is also good choice($12000/p)but your 4B-SST might be too weak. It is producing really excellent deep and tight bass.
You have truly statement level monitor so it will be difficult to find all that hyper detail+deep bass in $10K range...
Yes, Luke72....definately the EgglestonWorks Andra IIs, pre-owned. I wouldn't trade my babies for anything! I don't know about the medium part though, at 215 lbs. each!