Best 2.0 powered computer speakers?

What would you suggest?
I have both Audioengine A2 and A5+ speakers and have been very impressed. The A5+ speakers were amazing the few times I actually hooked them to my CD player rather than using my iPhone as the source.
A lot of people on Amazon complained about the volume control with Audioengine speakers...any thoughts on that?
And can someone please tell me if Audience One is a desktop computer speaker? Some articles would make you think yes, but then they dont seem powered, so whats the deal?
I don't know about "the best", however, I have been using Kef x300A on my desk top in my 11x11 office for over a year and would give a good recommendation for them. I have not compared them to other monitors but am very impressed with how good they sound. There are some good reviews of them online.
The volume knob on the Audioengine A2 speakers is on the back. This isn't ideal. I don't find it to be a huge issue, but certainly understand why some might. It depends on if you plan to use the volume control on your source ( I.e. Computer) or will need to adjust the speakers all the time.

I switched the speakers left and right to get the knob on the inside of the back where it could be reached. I also swapped the RCA inputs to restore the stereo sound.