Best 2 channel CD/SACD player $2000 used?

I have seen a lot of Esoteric, Sony, Marantz CD/SACD players in the $2500-$5000 new advertised. Any thoughts on the best available for $2,000 used? Some of the Marantz models come to mind. Tube or ss.
According to limited number of reviews, it does look like Sony XA-5400ES may be the holy grail of moderately priced SACD player. They are sold out in many online retailers. I have one on order, and probably receive it in a week or so. I'll find out how it fares against my Unidisk.
Psacanli, i am still loving my rt-20, but just wondering if you have ever got to compare it to a bel canto dac3 ? Just wonder how it compares.