Best $4000-$5000 loudspeaker

- Price range from $4000 to $5000, new or used.
- Room average size.
- Average efficiency (or good, of course).
- -3dB at 40Hz or better bass extension.
- Capable to be enjoyable at low listening levels.

Opinions are welcome. I have not introduced higher constraints, so that opinions suit other enthusiasts.
Regards and thanks.
I would highly suggest you find a way to listen to the Von Schweikert VR4jr's. They are an incredible value and compete quite favorably with $15 - $20,000 speakers.

I took on the line because I have not heard a speaker that could come close to competing with them at the equivilent price points.
If you can stretch a little more, consider the Audio Physic Avanti3 for around 6k used. Some people may say they fit into an excellent speaker under 15k category. When set up properly, Avanti3's image and create a very effective soundstage.
Depending on the type of music you enjoy. For classical and easier listening, I would consider the bigger ProAc's or Audio Physic's.
I think that if you can swing a pair of used Merlin VSM or Coincident Total Eclipses, you really will be hard pressed to beat them.

On the new front, you may want to wait for the word to come out about the new $5000 Fried Studio VII at CES 2005 in about a month and a half. I am a part owner of the company, but pride myself on being objective and even recommending other speakers. You will not find another speaker in its price range that will be able to offer you what this speaker does - REAL TL bass and midrange alignment, first order series crossovers, low Qts drivers, mirror imaged drivers, and are made right here in the USA (Pennsylvania). The speakers are incredibly easy to drive, sound exceptionally open and spacious, go really low and tight, and image like no large three way speaker has any right to. Although I am opposed to it, I fully expect that once the company has a foothold in the marketplace, you are going to see the prices ratchet up considerably - I prefer offering great value and making things up in volume. Get to them early if you can.