Best $550 I ever Spent Mod your speakers

I just had my local tech modify my B&W Matrix 804's and put in Mundorf Silver in Oil caps in my midrange and tweeter circuits as well as upgrading my resistors (I dont remember the brand they are long and green)

Anyway this is one of those upgrades where you are just FLOORED! I have not been this stoked on a upgrade in a LONG TIME!!!

I have to say if you like your speakers and they work great in your room check out modifying your crossovers. It went so far its rediculous. I could have gotten the supremes for $150 less but I didnt think I'd regret spending anther $150

Best money spent in a long time!
Hello Please tell me exactly what type of screws are these that can have this much effect ?
I sure would appreciate your help thankyou, Paul.
good to know...i am aware that manufacturers like Tidal (super high end) will advertise using Dueland caps on SE editions of their speakers. someday may give this a try...can it be done easily at home if speakers are too big to carry?

I think it all depends on how adept you are and how well you did in wood shop growing up. Its not just a simple application of switching caps.

In order to fit them my tech had to mount the board sideways and diagonally as oppose to presses flat on the back like stock, also the screw holes needed to be sealed and the drivers then had a better coupling to the frame and no longer had air leaks.

I feel that just because you can do an amp or preamp does not mean you can do speakers you have to be very precise and get everything sealed perfect

I think its a great thing to try with a pair of monitors that are decent and see you confident you are
Thanks...i think i know the answer to my question. ;) i'll ask a professional to help.
Ill be honest my local tech is THE MAN! He was going to work at wilson before they moved to Provo, Utah. And I apprenticed at the shop when I was 19 or 20. I am truly blessed to have a truly knowledgeable and ECXEPTIONALLY competent in most all situations and will happily admit when he doesnt want to touch something.

I highly recommend being very friendly to all your local Hi-Fi guys, beers, cheeseburgers and alot of respect go a long way.

And for all the music lovers WERE A DYING BREED! They love folks who are all about music its why they got into it and most of them have spent time on tour. Im sure most of you know this but its amazing how you get them out of work with a few drinks in em and they want to talk about stereo and music. They love it just as much as us!