Best A-D converter

Not a DAC but an ADC! Looking to archive some out of print vinyl onto CD for listening in the car. At home, of course, analog takes precedence, but on the road, I just have an awful time with the needle skipping in the back seat. Some have mentioned the Wadia 17, others the Apogee Rosetta series. Has anyone A/B'd these units for musicality? Any others that I should be considering? I know there are several 96/24 units out there, but my question has a functional limit of 44.1/16. Thanks
I am using Muse 296 best sound to date. Much better than the Bel Canto which I traded. Wish I could afford the dcs Elgar and Purcell
Yes fellow audiophiles; A-D not D-A! Best out there? Probably the Muse Seven (this is what your Chesky CDs are made with). I have heard the Wadia, it is not so hot, not up to par with their D-A's. The Apogee's are avery good.
the apogee AD-1000 gets my vote for the best PORTABLE a>d. fantastic sound and a defeatable noise shaping switch. it runs on 12vdc, and after 3 hours of operation it gets hot enough to fry an egg on it. alas, it is no longer manufactured:(
I can use my SBM-1 anywhere, and enjoy recording nature, and human sounds. I recently recorded a Thunderbirds airshow.